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Cultivate – Vegan Probiotic Blend by SAN

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Shelf stable probiotic blend.  No refrigeration necessary!

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CULTIVATE consists of a carefully formulated prebiotic, probiotic and plant enzyme digestion matrix. CULTIVATE was specifically formulated to support the uptake of amino acids from food & protein. What does “probiotic” mean? The term “probiotic” connotes healthy bacteria which are considered beneficial for the human digestion process and intestinal flora. Our digestion system consists of over 400 different species of healthy bacteria. The most familiar ones are of the “lactobacilli” and “bifidobacterium” family. In fact, our digestive tract is inherently abundant of good and bad bacteria. CULTIVATE is also fortified with a full spectrum, “custom formulated” plant enzyme matrix. Its 3 proteases portion was specifically designed to hydrolyze protein into its free-form amino acid parts for easier assimilation and uptake. CULTIVATE is so well rounded & formulated that large amounts of food assimilation now becomes a breeze. No more bloat or discomfort. CULTIVATE supports to restore balance to beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. CULTIVATE also supports healthy gut immunity by reducing oxidative stress as well as supporting cellular health and intestinal flora. Lastly, CULTIVATE with probiotics provides a potent array of the amylase and lipase enzymes which were proven to adapt to a variety of stomach acid pH conditions and to support the digestion of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vegetable cellulose.*


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