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Liquid Light by Sunwarrior

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Natural Fulvic Mineral Acid Complex

72 complexed trace minerals and elements to help with nutrient absorption, electrolyte balance, removing toxins and more.


Liquid Light is a plant-based fulvic acid liquid mineral complex created by nature in an ancient petrified plant deposit of Utah.

The ionic trace vitamins and minerals are extracted using a cold process to create a liquid supplement that contains one of the strongest chelating agents found in the natural world.

What are the benefits of this ionic liquid mineral complex?

  • Liquid mineral supplements pulled from an ancient and pristine petrified plant deposit in a rural region of Utah
  • Provides major nutritional elements, including liquid iron and liquid magnesium, along with trace dietary minerals
  • Plays an elevated role in the absorption and assimilation of these nutrients through the chelation process
  • A powerful natural electrolyte contributing to both electrical and chemical balance within cells
  • Contains all the trace ionic elements found in living systems
  • A super transporter that aids in the absorption and transport of nutrients into cells
  • Raises energy levels as toxicity drops to promote endurance and stamina
  • Nature’s most powerful heavy metal chelator, delivering essential minerals while also eliminating toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury
  • Supports enzyme reactions to improve digestion and assimilation
  • Neutralizes acidity in the body
  • Promotes a sense of well-being due to easy to digest liquid ionic minerals that nourish at the cellular level
  • Take with other supplements to enhance utilization of both
  • Take before and after workouts
  • Great in smoothies, juice, or water

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