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Stay motivated and show them what you’re made of both in and out of the gym. Vegan Bodybuilding & Healthy food defines you! This is a cruelty and sweatshop free American Apparel brand shirt made in the USA. There is a front (Barbell logo) and back print (Healthy Food logo) on each shirt. They are designed and created back in the lab at by Robert Cheeke and crew.

2 different styles to choose from:

  • Fitness Bag (Small / Royal Blue with white straps): This will hold your vegan workout gear, a pre and post workout meal, drink and a couple of other items.
  • Fitness Bag (Large / Black): Do you live out of your gym bag? Hey, some of us do! Even if this is not the case, this large bag is a fine addition to your workout aresenal. Just add said arsenal and insert into bag and you’re off.

Wear your vegan gear proudly 😉

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To-Go Fitness Tote Bag (Blue), Small Fitness Gym Bag (Royal Blue with White), Large Fitness Gym Bag (Black)


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