12 Week Fat Loss Challenge

What if you could stop yo-yo dieting and trying a million things to get leaner? What if you didn’t have to second-guess yourself every time you attempt to lose 5 pounds?

When you’re through with the 12-week vegan fat loss challenge, not only will you be leaner and stronger, but we PROMISE to arm you with the tools so that you never have to second guess your methods again.



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Have you tried so many different things without success, that you’re starting to think that maybe fat loss isn’t even possible for you?


You keep seeing people who seem to be reaching their goals so easily – so it has to be you, right? What if I told you that there is nothing wrong with your body – they just know something you don’t – yet!


There is an easier way to lose body fat and we promise it’s not as complicated as some coaches like to make it sound.  You don’t have to shun your favorite foods or spend hours on a treadmill eating 1200 calories a day – and in fact, we promise that’s a surefire way to fall off track and reverse all of your progress and then some.


We created the 12 Week Vegan Fat Loss Challenge to give you an opportunity to “learn by doing”.  Not only have we created a framework that is the path to achieve a leaner physique, but we teach you HOW and WHY these methods work so you can keep your results long-term and never fall prey to gimmicky fad diets ever again.

If you’re ready to stop the madness and learn the tried and true methods of fat-loss that works for everyone across the board (and no, this isn’t a cookie-cutter method!), sign up for our 12 Week Fat Loss Course today!

Original price was: $2,775.00.Current price is: $697.00.Sign Up Now


Custom Calculated Macros. Custom macros determine based on your and your lifestyle and your goals. Custom calculated by vegan bodybuilding coach Dani Taylor.(may happen up to 4 times!) – Value $600

Periodized Training Program. A 4 day per week lifting plan that is periodized to progress over the 12 weeks to help you maximize your fat loss at a smart and sustainable pace. You can choose between either the home program or the home program. Don’t worry, cardio is included. – Value $600

Our Exclusive Training App. You can see your programs, your macros, log your training, take progress photos, track your body measurements, receive habit reminders and get your regular educational videos and PDF guides delivered right to your phone! – Value $87

Monthly Check-ins. Every month, we will personally go over your check-in and make tweaks.  We will also let you know what’s going well and what needs improvement in a personal message – Value $600

90 Educational Videos on Fat Loss. Frequent educational and informational videos placed at specific intervals throughout the challenge to teach you what you need to know at a pace that is digestible for fast weight loss and sustainable and long lasting change. – Value $680

Our Exclusive Meal Plan Builder and Recipes. Here you can easily drag and drop recipes into your meal plan to plan out your whole week’s worth of food with your own personal macros and even generate shopping lists based on those plans. This is a game changer! – Value $54

Our Private Facebook Coaching Community & Live Zoom Calls. Our coaching group is where you will find the accountability needed to keep you consistent long enough to get results. Here you can ask questions, join conversations, share your vegan weight loss journey and support your other teammates! – Value $300

Right now you’re struggling with the idea of being stuck.  You’re tired of wasting time and money on things that don’t work for you, and in some cases that put you in an even worse situation than when you started!  You’re tired of being on rigid diets that make you panic when you see your favorite “forbidden” foods.  One bite turns into a hundred and you beat yourself up for not having enough willpower and vowing to start again tomorrow.

Imagine if you could see your favorite foods and actually enjoy them in moderation while still making fat loss progress.  Imagine making a nutrition plan work for YOUR life, instead of trying to force your life to fit your diet? Imagine knowing how to navigate tricky situations without falling off track. Life happens! What if you had a plan that allowed for that?

It’s all possible with an open mind and a willingness to try!  If you’re ready to learn what it’s like on the other side, join our 12-week Vegan Fat Loss Challenge today!

Original price was: $2,775.00.Current price is: $697.00.Sign Up Now


No!  You are signing up for our next start date, which will be communicated to you. We tend to do one per quarter. You will be starting with the whole group, which we find is much more motivating and leads to higher levels of success!  We will email you right away after you sign up so you know all the next steps. 

No!  We have both a gym version that utilizes a commercial gym for the training.  But we also have a home version as well!  If you have dumbbells, bands, and something that can act as a bench (coffee table anyone?), you can complete the 12-Week Fat Loss Challenge workouts.

Meal plans are a means to an end.  While there is a time and a place for meal plans, we stand 100% behind the fact that NO ONE can live on a meal plan forever.  Long-term meal plans lead to binge eating over 90% of the time.

What the program comes with is even better.  It comes with custom macronutrients, calculated FOR YOU based on your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.  We then teach you how to build your own nutrition plan, eating food you love, based on these custom macro goals.  You can then use these tools for the rest of your life without being married to an incredibly limiting meal plan.

While we can’t guarantee a specific number of pounds lost (because everyone’s starting place is different), we find that on average, people lose about 1% of their body weight per week when they stick to their program.  So for a 150-pound person, this would be about a 17-pound loss over the course of the 12 weeks.  For someone who doesn’t have much “weight” to lose, the scale will tell less of a story than the photos because you will lose more body fat than actual pounds.

Not only are your initial nutrition goals calculated for you by us personally, but every 4 weeks, you will also do a full check-in, with photos and measurements.  When these check-ins are done, we check out your results and adjust your nutrition as necessary while giving you feedback on what’s going well and what needs improvement.  You will also have access to us via email 24/7 as you need us and of course, we offer tons of support in our private community Facebook group and live coaching calls as well!

  • The person who spends a lot of time trying to learn about fitness and nutrition but is totally exhausted by all of the conflicting information out there.
  • The person who has some pounds to lose but doesn’t want to go on another restrictive crash diet to lose it.
  • The person who is happy with the scale weight but just thought they would look leaner at this weight than they do.
  • The person with that black-or-white, all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to food and diet.  They know that it’s wrong – but they don’t know any other way.
  • The person who is TIRED of meal plans and cookie-cutter programs that get quick results that disappear almost immediately after re-introducing some normalcy to their life.
  • The person who has a sense that they’re being scammed by diet and fitness companies but can’t quite identify why….

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This 101 page book will teach you everything you need to know about what to eat, when to eat, and why. No more restrictive diets. No more blindly following diet rules. This book shows you how to structure your nutrition so you can make progress every week without feeling like you’re on a “diet”.


12-Week Vegan Fat Loss Challenge

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Original price was: $2,775.00.Current price is: $697.00.Sign Up Now