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Video Consult-$250

  • A 60 min video or phone conversation based specifically on what YOU want to discuss about nutrition, training, your goals, etc.

Whether you have just crossed the start line to your next goal or you are on your way and have hit a roadblock, we will make sure that you cross the finish line.

There is so much more than planning your routine and executing it when it comes to fitness.  To achieve your long-term goals, there are mental battles that need to be had and conquered and obstacles that will stand in your way.   Whatever the case may be, we are here for you.

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Looking for advice on what steps you will need to take to get past a plateau or to make your next move?
  • Do you have a specific concern or topic that you want to discuss?
  • For 60 minutes you can chat face to face or over the phone and ask us anything!

Give us a chance to get/keep you on course and work with you hands-on, to get you to your goals.

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If I had known it was this easy, I would have bought this years ago.
Erin C on Oct 03, 2018

I was skeptical, but two days after sending in my questionnaire, I had a new set of macros to work with. They were different than what I had come up with! And after a few weeks, I could tell they were totally working! So easy, thank you!

I am finally starting to see results.
Tamigachi on Jan 25, 2018

I have been wanting to get leaner for years. I got a one-time macro calculation as a last ditch effort. Dani now has me eating MORE and getting leaner. Something I never thought possible.

A tiny tweak made all the difference
Tamigachi on Dec 23, 2017

A simple swap of increase carbs and decreasing fats a little bit and boom. Progress. Will purchase again during my next plateau.

My training has improved so much!
Tamigachi on Dec 28, 2017

As it turns out, you need to eat more to build muscle! Dani increased my food by quite a bit. It made me nervous, but my lifts have never been stronger. I can SEE that I am building muscle.

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  • A full questionnaire so you can tell us all about you and your goals. This allows your calculation to be 100% custom to you.
  • You will get a variety of training days and rest days, or deficit days and re-feed days (as needed) to put you on the most efficient path to your goals.
  • You will get a commentary on what you're doing well, what needs to be improved upon and how you should go about doing so! It is a huge value to have a master coach's eyes on your program!
  • A fully vegan sample grocery shopping list to get ideas on how to hit your macros.
  • A quick turnaround! Once you send your questionnaire back to us, it is 1-2 business days until you will have your new macros in hand!
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