Clean Machine Ahiflower Oil, Vegan Plant Based Omega-3


Highest plant based source of Omega 3’s and rich in EPA. More than Flax, chia or hemp! AhiFlower is sustainably sourced from soil to oil. Helps increase muscle protein synthesis by 25% and prevent muscle loss by 22%.


A Veg Pro Omega

Richest Effective Plant Source Omega 31*

Up to 400% Greater EPA Conversion than Flax Oil*

Highest Naturally Occurring Source of SDA1* A Pro-EPA Omega 3*

Higher Pro-EPA Value than Flax, Chia or Hemp Oils*


Ahiflower®, the patent-pending Non-GMO Buglossoides

arvensis seed oil, is the richest effective omega-3 [stearidonic

acid (SDA) and alpha linolenic acid (ALA)] fatty acid source.1*

Ahiflower® oil provides the highest source of SDA, a Pro-EPA

omega-3, which is required for EPA synthesis in the body.* A

human clinical trial found that Ahiflower® has a 300%-400%

greater EPA conversion rate than flaxseed oil.*


Overall, Ahiflower ® has a higher EPA value than flax, chia

or hemp oil.* Emerging research suggests that EPA may

help promote protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein



1 From a single Non-GMO plant.

‡ Results verified in in-vitro lab testing.


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