Contest Prep: coaching package inc. 2x weekly check-ins


An intense coaching package that includes twice-weekly check-ins (at 10 weeks out or sooner), full nutrition, training, cardio, supplementation, and all things for the stage that many do not think about.


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Contest Prep (price varies)

  • A full meal plan based on your body stats, lifestyle and contest date and category (bikini, figure, physique, bodybuilding)
  • Meal plans based on your schedule, your training, and your likes and dislikes and allergies.
  • Macros included for those interested in learning more about flexible dieting, but who are not quite comfortable with designing their own meal plans yet.
  • Separate meal plans (and macros!) for rest days, training days and re-feed days.
  • Supplementation recommendations with updates.
  • Fully periodized strength training program created on YOUR body, schedule, gym equipment, injuries and goals.
  • Program updates as needed to keep you progressing (generally about every 8 weeks).
  • Full cardio programs written in your schedule as needed for your goals.
  • Weekly measurement and photo check-ins and updates to keep you accountable.
  • Weekly feedback on your progress.
  • At 10 weeks out and sooner, check ins will happen twice weekly.
  • Bi-weekly 30 minutes Skype or phone sessions to check in on a more in-depth level.
  • Meal plan and program updates as needed to keep you progressing towards your goals. In contest prep, this will be pretty much weekly.
  • Fully outlined peak week protocol.
  • Tanning recommendations.
  • Suggestions for picking a show.
  • Help with stage presence including (but not limited to) suit cut, color, hair, makeup, jewelry.
  • Post show plan to avoid rebounding and unhealthy eating behaviors (It is required that you plan to stay on for coaching at least a month post show for your own physical and mental health. Minimum of “Macros + Training” Coaching).
  • Access to private website and unlimited messaging support from your coach.
  • Access to private Facebook support group for coaching clients.
  • 24-hour response time.
  • Free copy of e-book Flexible Dieting for Vegans.
  • Discount on all orders from VeganProteins.com


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