Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by Robert Cheeke

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The Complete Guide To Building Your Body On a Plant-Based Diet

Signed by Robert and Giacomo Marchese!

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Robert Cheeke is now signing every book bought from VeganProteins! Still humbled by the mention of me in the book. I will sign ALL copies ordered from us, by the way 🙂 -Giacomo Marchese

Robert’s Book has been a long time in the making and we couldn’t be any more proud of him and the impact he continues to make, globally. If you have any questions or want further insight on the book, the main website is www.veganbodybuilding.com.

Table of Contents

  • Why Vegan?
  • Beginning Bodybuilding – How to get started in bodybuilding and achieve results
  • How to create a successful nutrition program
  • How to create a successful training program
  • The most important lessons to be learned and followed in bodybuilding
  • Where do you get your protein?
  • Choosing the exercises that yield the best results
  • Turning your bodybuilding success into a form of activism and outreach
  • How to market yourself to get sponsored
  • Supplementation – What to take and why
  • Turning your Passion into a career
  • Lists of vegan equipment, products, services, and supplies for bodybuilders
  • The best of vegan living in North America – Top cities and restaurants
  • Testimonials from those who have been inspired by Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
  • Final thoughts from the author


A sample from Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

The idea of vegan bodybuilding has long been perceived as an oxymoron until now. In an industry riddled with animal-derived body-enhancing supplements, a new wave of bodybuilding is emerging. For the past ten years I have been at the forefront, pioneering a different way to fuel and nourish bodybuilders while nourishing the planet at the same time.

This book is well overdue, and I am pleased to finally bring it to life and have it available to an audience that has been craving its completion for years. This complete guide to proper training and plant-based nutrition for athletes has been a decade in the making, following my career as a vegan bodybuilder over the past ten years. Of the nearly seven billion people on the planet, my name has been synonymous with vegan bodybuilding more than any other name in history. My name, my face, and my physique have been the most recognized in this industry throughout the world, and that makes it very fitting for me to deliver this book in a very unique way that is sure to motivate and inspire anyone.

I come from the unlikely background of being a skinny farm boy who grew up eating meat and selling animals at 4-H auctions to be slaughtered for food. I was born into a family who has had farming in it’s history for generations and I’m the son of farmers who both worked in a university Animal Science department. But the choices I have made and the passion that has supported them enable me to stand out in the world of vegan bodybuilding.

Many asked why I hadn’t written this book sooner. The truth is that I started a book about vegan athletics back in 2005. My life took a turn in a new direction in the middle of that year when I directed and produced the documentary Vegan Fitness Built Naturally. Immediately, as a result of that documentary, I was hired by Sequel Naturals to work for VEGA. I spent half the year traveling around the country to work at consumer wellness shows and festivals, and give talks. Writing this book took a back seat while inspiring as many people as possible through in-person interaction and training in the gym became my top priorities. When I finally returned to the project, I sat down in front of the computer and wrote over 100 pages in the first 4 days. With a decade of experience as a vegan bodybuilder, everything about this book became not only easy to write about but extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

In the spring of 2009, I finally decided to sit down and follow my own personal development advice: to take action and make it happen, to write this book about vegan bodybuilding and fitness. After listening to myself give presentations all over the country, I couldn’t sit back any longer and delay this project, especially as I was sincerely encouraging everyone I met to not delay their dreams and to take immediate action doing something meaningful in their lives. It was my turn to embrace the creation and completion of this book.

Because of the unique approach I took to incorporate some of my personal development and success strategies, this book will be the most comprehensive guide to building your body on a plant-based diet ever assembled and an ever-present source of motivation.

This book is designed to answer any question about vegan bodybuilding you could possibly have. The content addresses more than what to eat, how to train, and what supplements to take as a vegan bodybuilder; it includes far more than inspirational photos of vegan bodybuilders. The book contains 15 chapters of the most important components of successful bodybuilding on a plant-based diet: how to get sponsored by companies and make a career out of your bodybuilding hobby; ways to stay motivated and find meaning in your actions; lists of do’s and don’ts when it comes to the sport of bodybuilding; lists of products, services, and equipment that are vegan; meal programs and training programs; and how to turn your vegan bodybuilding lifestyle into extremely effective forms of activism and outreach.

Even more than vegan bodybuilding and fitness, this book is about the pursuit of excellence-making the most out of your life and contributing to the world in ways that you never imagined. It is about inspiring you to do amazing things while causing the least amount of harm and doing the most amount of good.

I chose to specifically include brand names of products that I use or recommend. I did not receive any compensation for my recommendations from any company. I am only sharing the truth as I know it from my direct experience. I share a variety of products in multiple categories of nutrition because each person responds uniquely to each product. I will list brands of equipment and supplies, as well as my favorite places to train and eat by name and location. This will be an excellent overall resource for motivation, inspiration, vegan living, bodybuilding, and ultimately helping bring out the best in you so that you can bring out the best in others. There are some repetitive themes throughout this book which is intentional by design. Philosopher Daniel Dennett, Professor at Tufts University, said in a Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) talk in 2008, “Every time you read it or say it you make another copy in your brain.” Professor Dennett is explaining that repetition helps with retention. Therefore, the reader benefits with sustained knowledge rather than temporary memorization.

Thank you for taking the time to care enough to support me, my ambitions for the world, and the vegan cause. Thank you for supporting the concept of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, for picking this book up, for reading it cover to cover, for sharing it with friends, and for providing me feedback about how I can make it better.

I wish you all the best on your journey to great strength, great health, great fulfillment, and great contribution. Welcome to the world of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. Take your ticket…its show time! This book will rock you hard! Whatever it is that moves you, whatever it is that drives you, go after it and make it happen today.

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    October 15, 2008 6:26 pm by Brian This guy is awsome nice six pack abs how long has this dude been woknrig out also graet looking guns

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