The 28 Day

level up – vegan style – in just 4 weeks.

Get your step-by-step guide to upgrade your nutrition, your training, & your lifestyle and get visible results in 28 days
We’ve removed all the guesswork in this fully vegan guide,  giving you the blueprint to REAL results, really fast for just $29.99.

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Consider The 28 Day Overhaul a choose-your-own-ending adventure.  Whether you want fat loss, body re-composition, or muscle building, we’ve got you covered.  Using YOUR goals and YOUR stats, we will use The Mini-Macro Method to figure out exactly what you should be eating to reach your goals.

This program includes:

An opportunity to choose YOUR goal and align your nutrition to that goal.
An opportunity to choose YOUR goal and align your nutrition to that goal.
Defining the most important nutrition goals with The Mini-Macro Method.
Our unique “Daily Countdown” of nutrition to build healthy daily habits.


A well-rounded strength training program that can be performed at home with dumbbells and bands.
10 delicious high-protein vegan recipes
Sample meal plans and shopping lists to help you reach your nutrition goals
Suggested supplements that really work without the marketing hype.
Cardio recommendations depending on your goal.
Video demonstrations of every exercise

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The 28 Day

The no-BS fitness and nutrition program
to level you up in 4 weeks

What if you could stop wasting time sifting through endless nutrition information and instead you confidently took the steps you needed to improve your health and physique?

With The 28 Day Overhaul, we have removed all of the guesswork and just given you exactly what you need to see results in only 28 days.