The 28 Day

The no-BS fitness and nutrition program
to level you up in 4 weeks

Right now, you’re struggling with wanting to pursue your goals, but you don’t know HOW! 

Maybe you don’t know much about training or nutrition and you’re confused by the mountains of conflicting information available. 

Maybe you know TOO MUCH about fitness and nutrition and are suffering from analysis paralysis. 

Maybe you’re already into fitness, but have no idea how to adopt a vegan lifestyle to fit your goals… luckily the answer for all three is the same: JUST GET STARTED!

Imagine if you could put a stop to all the unproductive head games you’ve been playing with yourself about how to implement a healthier lifestyle.

In 28 days, you could be right where you are right now….OR you could be well on your way to achieving your dream body and health. The choice is yours.

We are confident that our 28-day overhaul will get you exactly where you need to be, provide you the education, motivation, and unlock the key to not only getting started but also to keep it going for good!

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and want to quit jumping from trying this to trying that, let us help you get started on your journey and join our 28-Day Overhaul!

Our programs have helped hundreds get going on their jourey, and we want to help you next!



Life happens, and sometimes our fitness and health goals take a backseat. If you’ve strayed from your path, but you KNOW you want to get back on track and the hardest thing to do is just to start.  Make this as easy on yourself as you can and follow the simple instructions to carve out your new path.  our 28-day overhaul program is designed to help you restart with purpose and energy. We’ll guide you through practical steps to rebuild your routine, reignite your motivation, and restore your momentum towards a healthier you.


I know you because I *AM* you!  You pour over research, articles, YouTube videos.  You read comments in Facebook groups trying to decide what the best route is for you.  Should you train 3 days a week or 6?  Should you eat 6 meals a day or do intermittent fasting?  Fasted cardio or fed cardio?  STOP!  The analysis paralysis is preventing you from actually doing anything!  Allow our decades of experience to sift out what doesn’t work for you and hand you an easy to follow plan on a silver platter.


The only world more confusing that the fitness world, might be the vegan one!  Who would have thought there were so many ways to be vegan!  But there are.  And some ways are better, healthier and safer than others.  And some ways of being vegan won’t help your goals of building lean muscle at all! Did you know Oreos are vegan?  You can absolutely be an unhealthy vegan.  But we teach you how to have your Oreos and eat them too (along with your fruits and veggies) and build the best nutrition foundation you can in 28 days.

This program includes:

An opportunity to choose YOUR goal and align your nutrition to that goal. An opportunity to choose YOUR goal and align your nutrition to that goal.

Defining the most important nutrition goals with The Mini-Macro Method.

Our unique “Daily Countdown” of nutrition to build healthy daily habits.

A well-rounded strength training program that can be performed at home with dumbbells and bands.

10 delicious high-protein vegan recipes

Sample meal plans and shopping lists to help you reach your nutrition goals

Suggested supplements that really work without the marketing hype.

Cardio recommendations depending on your goal.

Video demonstrations of every exercise

I’m Dani Taylor…

co-owner of Vegan Proteins along with my husband Giacomo Marchese.   I have been vegan for over 22 years and have been coaching vegan athletes for over nearly 15 years.


I wasn’t always into fitness though – no. I actually grew up overweight and was eventually obese before transitioning to a vegan diet and learning to lift weights.

Although I love training, I have also had my fair share of getting off-course. And anytime this has happened, I have found getting “re-started” to be mentally challenging, even for me.

And I know many of you have felt the same way, because you have told me so!


“I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” – I’ve heard it over and over again.

And if you know me, you know I am all about long-term goals, baby – no shortcuts!  But when times are tough and you’re down and out, you just need a quick win to rekindle your love of the game!

So I created this program to strip away all the fluff and just give you what works and FAST!

Yes, you still have to put the work in, but if you do, you WILL get results.

Check Out what some of our clients have said about our programs!

You’ve Got Questions We’ve Got Answers!

Can this program be done at home?

Yes! All of the workouts are designed to be completed at home with limited equipment. Dumbbells, bands, a bench (or a coffee table!), and a kitchen chair are all you need to do these workouts.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

This is a program that can be adapted to all levels.  As the saying goes “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger!” We live by that. Any good program should be adaptable for beginners and advanced athletes.

Does The 28 Day Overhaul have a meal plan?

Probably our favorite thing about this program is that it does NOT have a meal plan.  Although it is designed to get you some quick wins, we also want you to be able to KEEP those wins. When you follow a meal plan, you lose all that progress as soon as you stop following it.  What we teach you in this program is HOW to to eat foods you love that are perfect for your goals and it is adaptable to any goal you choose to meet. So you get the results, and you get to keep them too.

Do I need to be vegan to do this program?

Although we do strongly believe that a vegan lifestyle is key in achieving your ultimate health, you do not have to be a vegan to follow this program.  All of the foods mentioned are vegan, but the education is applicable to anyone.

Is this one-on-one coaching?

This is a completely self-guided program.  We do offer group coaching and one-on-one coaching as well if that’s something you’re interested in.

Why is this program so cheap?

Yes, we know we could sell this program for at least $100, but we want to build our community, and what better way to do that than to create an affordable program that works?  You get a great program for an awesome price, and we hope you’ll stick around to learn from us in the future as well. Win-win!


Step 1: Click the “Add to Cart” Button and checkout

Step 2: Check your email in a few minutes for your receipt with the download link in the right-hand column.

Step 3: Read through The 28 Day Overhaul and get started leveling up!

It’s THAT simple!

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds after purchase.

Imagine it’s 28 days from now and you’re still staring at this screen wondering what the best move to be a happier, healthier you.


Imagine it’s 28 days from now, and you can look back and say you made some real, clear, definitive head-way towards the health and life you want.

Today The 28 Day Overhaul is just $49, a steal for all of the information it contains! 

ONLY 28 days to a new start!

How This Works…

Consider The 28-Day Overhaul a choose-your-own-ending adventure.  Whether you want fat loss, body re-composition, or muscle building, we’ve got you covered.  Using YOUR goals and YOUR stats, we will use The Mini-Macro Method to figure out exactly what you should be eating to reach your goals.

From there, we build on this by creating healthy nutrition habits with our Daily Countdown.

Wondering what supplements are most beneficial for your goals?  We make suggestions for ONLY the best and most proven supplements and leave out all of the over-hyped junk.

Use our sample meal plans and shopping lists to build your own perfect plan for reaching your nutrition goals.  We also have added 10 DELICIOUS high-protein vegan recipes.

A 5-Day strength training workout that can be done at home with bands and dumbbells is exactly what you need to make sure you’re whole body gets workout out in the most effective way possible to jumpstart change.  There is video instruction too!

Lastly, there are cardio and mobility recommendations depending on your goals.  You can follow along on the calendar and check off your tasks on the daily tracker.

And if outside support is what you’re looking for, you can always join our community for more!

The 28 Day

The no-BS fitness and nutrition program
to level you up in 4 weeks

What if you could stop wasting time sifting through endless nutrition information and instead you confidently took the steps you needed to improve your health and physique?

With The 28 Day Overhaul, we have removed all of the guesswork and just given you exactly what you need to see results in only 28 days.