Raw Vegan Rice Protein by SunWarrior

2.2 lb, 47 servings

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Why Sun Warrior?

Giacomo Says…

Sun Warrior is a ‘Whole Brown Rice Protein’ which is created using a ‘Bio-Fermented Raw Sprouted’ process. WHAT?!? Sounds confusing right? Not when you think about it. When you sprout your food, the macronutrient profile changes and there is more protein per serving. For the first time, we are able to use a supplement with almost all of it’s calories coming directly from protein to perform better as athletes and eat cleaner. Best of all, this a 100% whole food RAW unprocessed, unheated FOOD.

Everyone can benefit from a product with a macronutrient profile of 91% protein! Being a bodybuilder, I hold this in high regard as I am always looking for ways to increase my protein intake without adding unwanted extra calories from other sources. Until Sun Warrior, my only options in regards to supplementation were Spirulina (54% protein) and Hemp Powder (35% protein). I eat a lot of sprouts which can have up to 35% of their calories from protein but when i’m looking to restrict calories or bulk and I wish to increase the amount of protein without skyrocketing the amount of carbohydrates and fat in my diet, I had no options that even compared to what Sun Warrior offers.

It has an excellent consistency and mixes really well. No gritty or chalky texture no matter how large your serving size is.

Sure there are heated and processed vegan protein isolates like Pea and Brown Rice that offer similar macronutrient profiles and they are a much better option than something like Whey or Casein but there is something arguably better out there. It is easier on the stomach and is processed in a much cleaner way. Give it a shot. You’ll love it and will be supporting our endeavor to get the message out that Vegan Athletes are here to stay.

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  • The natural flavor is awesome. It has minimal flavor so your smoothie will taste like the fruit and whatever else you put in rather than stevia.

  • Vanilla Sunwarrior (brown rice protein) is the best in my opinion. It mixes instantly with a shaker cup even with water. I wont ever rate another protein with 5 stars, but Sunwarrior. Highly recommended!!!!

  • Great protein. Used this protein for about 3 months already and had excellent results.
    Natural flavor and Vanilla are perfect for making smoothies and shakes.
    Both Vanilla and Chocolate taste great on its own, mixing with just plain water, and they have a chalky/gritty texture which I deeply enjoy ( some people complain about the texture though).


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