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Why are you still making fat loss harder than it needs to be?

Would you like to learn 5 things you can start doing TODAY to make your fat loss journey easier? A lot of what you’ve been told for years about weight loss is actually hurting you more than it’s helping you

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I will NOT be beating around the bush and I will be giving it to you straight so that you can stop making this any harder on yourself than it needs to be.  Fat loss is already hard – stop making it harder than it needs to be!  There’s a better way.  Tune in to find out how.

Dani Taylor is a vegan for over 18 years who has not only lost 90 pounds herself and become a figure champion, but as a vegan coach has also helped over a thousand others to do the same as the co-owner of VeganProteins.com

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Did 2020 knock you off-track? Are you having a hard time getting back at it?

The 28 Day Overhaul

A No-BS 4-week program designed to get you back in the game and leveling up.

  • All of the info you need, with none of the fluff.
  • Nutrition guide that focuses on the big pieces you need to know
  • Training program that can be done at home
  • Cardio recommendation
  • Sample Meal Plans & shopping lists
  • Accountability Tracker
  • 10 High Protein Vegan Recipes
  • Community Access

12 Week Vegan Fat Loss Course
They changed their lives, and you can too!

If you’re ready to take the next step to getting lean with custom macros, a progressive overload based lifting program,
lessons in nutrition and training, and a handy app, and a private coaching community!

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