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🌱 Transform Your Body with Our 16-Week Vegan Muscle Building Course!

  • Kickstart Date: Starts 5/6/2024

  • Early-Bird Price: $597 (Value $5800)

  • What’s Included:

    • Custom Calculated Macros: Tailored to your lifestyle and goals by expert vegan coaches.

    • Periodized Training Program: A 4-day per week lifting plan & cardio program, adaptable for home or gym, designed to maximize sustainable fat loss.

    • Exclusive Training App: Track your progress, log training, and access educational videos and guides.

    • Monthly Personal Check-ins: Tweaks and feedback from your coaches to keep you on track.

    • 112 Educational Videos: Learn the science of muscle building at a manageable pace.

    • Meal Plan Builder & 200 Recipes: Easy meal planning with custom macros and shopping lists.

    • Private Facebook Community & Weekly Live Zoom Calls: For accountability and support.

    • Bonus: VIP Bundle with Dani’s “Flexible Dieting for Vegans” book and more!

👉 Ready to embrace a leaner, stronger you? Join our 16-Week Challenge and learn sustainable muscle-building methods that work!

Have you fallen off-track? Are you having a hard time getting back at it?

The 28 Day Overhaul

A No-BS 4-week program designed to get you back in the game and leveling up.

  • All of the info you need, with none of the fluff.

  • Nutrition guide that focuses on the big pieces you need to know

  • Training program that can be done at home

  • Cardio recommendation

  • Sample Meal Plans & shopping lists

  • Accountability Tracker

  • 10 High Protein Vegan Recipes

  • Community Access