16 Week Vegan Muscle Building Challenge




You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on programs, books, and workout videos. You’ve stuck to plans for days, only to burn out and resort to old ways. Maybe you’ve stopped believing that fat loss is possible for you, but you’re ready to try something different that might actually work. You’ve come to the right place.  Over the next 16 weeks, we will teach you how to build lean muscle in this vegan muscle building challenge.  Dani Taylor, Giacomo Marchese & the Vegan Proteins Team, will calculate your macros for you every 4 weeks of this program based on your initial intake and your progress along the way.  You will have access to their private coaching community, live coaching calls,  and a coaching app that makes sticking to the program so much easier.

Who is this vegan muscle building program for?

This program is designed for people who are willing to make a mental investment in their future and who are willing to commit to learning the whys and hows of long-lasting lifestyle change.  This program is for motivated self-starters who only need guidance and a plan to reach their goals, but do not require the constant communication of one-on-one coaching.  If that is something you need, I recommend booking a strategy call for a much more hands-on coaching experience.

This is an intermediate/advanced program designed for people who have been cleared by their doctor to safely exercise.  This program is suitable for either those who like to train at a commercial gym or those who prefer to train at home and have access to certain home equipment (Bench, dumbbells, bands, swiss ball, pull-up bar, jump rope etc). Many of the movements in this program can be modified for beginners by using lighter weights or even bodyweight.

VALUE $6150  EARLY BIRD $597

  • A 16-week self-guided muscle program with a fully functional training app
  • Custom macros updated and calculated by vegan bodybuilding coaches
  • Access to private meal planner to create meal plans while building lean muscle
  • Access to the private coaching community
  • Bonus: Flexible Dieting for Vegans E-Book (value $25)
  • Bonus Week: A full week to get everything set up before you begin!
  • Join our vegan muscle building challenge!
  • One lucky winner will win 12 weeks on 1:1 coaching!