The Vegan Proteins Muscles by Brussels Membership

$39.00 / month


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If you follow trends in fitness and nutrition, you know it is a confusing world with every new article contradicting the last. Add to the new layer of living a vegan lifestyle and you’re completely lost.

Every day you are frustrated with not knowing whether you’re making the right choices for your goals and you are spinning your wheels and not making progress.

We hear you! You want to know exactly what to do in the gym or at home. You want easy-to-make vegan recipes that actually fit your macros. You need support and accountability.

In ten years of one-on-one coaching vegan athletes, we have helped thousands of people transform their bodies and improve their quality of life for years to come. All 100% plant-based.

But one-one-one coaching isn’t in everyone’s budget and this leaves a lot of people stranded to fend for themselves in the world of fitness and nutrition pandemonium.

Our Vegan Proteins Muscles by Brussels Membership gives you workouts with specific set and rep schemes, so you don’t have to think. You just have to do.

It also gives you access to Dani and Giacomo and a large community of people just as dedicated as yourself looking to make positive changes in their lives. If you have questions, we have answers.

You will have access to tools to calculate your macros exclusively made by us that are FAR more accurate than other calculators made for non-vegans.

You will have easy macro-friendly vegan recipes at your fingertips so you can just plug-and-play into our meal planner and shopping list generator. One less thing to think about. (And more recipes are being added constantly!)

And best of all, you can track everything in our handy user-friendly app so you’re never without us.

If allowing us to take some of the burden of your training and nutrition off your mind, so you can live your best life sounds like something you’d like to achieve, get started today and get cracking on your goals!