Ep 78. "Showing Up" With Robert Cheeke

Ep 78. “Showing Up” With Robert Cheeke

It’s been about a year since we’ve spent real time with another human outside of our pod.  On today’s episode, we catch up in person with Robert Cheeke to talk about what we have been up to together virtually.  We also ask Robert what “Showing Up” means to him and learn more about what his…
Episode 77. Body Image Part 1

Ep 77. Body Image Part 1

From body dysmorphia to social media, and societal pressures suggesting we are to be upheld to a certain standard of beauty, there is so much to discuss when it comes to body image.  In the fitness industry, this conversation gets even trickier.  We hope you enjoy tuning in to part 1 of our special series…
Episode 76. Fall in Love With Training Again

Ep 76. Fall in Love With Training Again

Once your newbie gain phase is over, it is easy to lose interest in your training.  After a year or two, you might find yourself falling off.  Or maybe life hit you in the face and you needed to hit the brakes on your routine.  Sometimes just doing the thing is not enough to keep…
Episode 75. Does Bodyfat % Even Matter?

Ep 75. Does Bodyfat % Even Matter?

In today’s episode, we discuss whether or not any emphasis should be placed on what bodyfat % you are.  We also discuss lots of different ways of measuring and whether or not knowing what your body fat is even matters. LISTEN ON ITUNES HERE! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE! LISTEN ON STITCHER HERE! Eros Scale 28…

Collagen Supplements: Take Them or Leave Them?

By Natalie Pape, MA RDN Recently, interest in collagen has exploded in both the athletic and beauty worlds. Supplement companies are catering to this increasing demand: the global collagen peptides market is expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2025. Perusing the shelves at your local drug or grocery store, you will find a variety of…
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