Breakfast (58)
Dessert (33)
Dinner (94)
Gluten Free (126)
Lunch (103)
Sauces (14)
Shakes (20)
Snacks (65)
Berry Granola Greek Yogurt Parfait
Red Lentil Dahl
Saag Tofu
Spring Pesto Orzo
High Protein Vegan Bacon
3 Ingredient Bacon
Chick’n “Queso”-Dilla
Chocolate Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bites
Crispy Roasted Chickpeas
Split Pea Soup with Steamed Cauliflower
Chick’n Stuffing Casserole
Christmas Salad with “Fried” Tofu
Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal Parfait
Gingerbread Protein Oatmeal
Quinoa and Soy Curl Burrito Bowl
Banana Protein Pudding
Greek Seitan Wrap
Spinach & Mushroom Frittata
Vegetable, Seitan, & Brown Rice Stir fry
Caprese Pasta Salad
Apple Nachos
Breakfast Quesadilla
No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie
Pasta Fagioli
TVP Fajita Bowl
Simple Lemon Tahini Dressing and Greens Salad
Berry Oatmeal with Chia Seeds
Lentil Tikka Masala
Starbucks CopyCat Matcha Soy Latte
Orange Banana Coconut Smoothie
Mashed Chickpea Salad with Seitan & Capers
Baked Tofu & Roasted Vegetables
Cucumber Quinoa Salad with Tofu Feta
Chickpea Tofu Omelet
Maple Glazed Seitan with Quinoa & Broccoli
Chicken-ish Chickpea Salad Wrap with Mixed Greens
Chicken-ish Chickpea Salad Wrap
Chocolate Overnight Chia Pudding
Vegan Proteins Lazy Girl Waffles
Lazy Girl Protein Waffles
3 Ingredient Strawberry Creamsicles
3 Ingredient Strawberry Creamsicles
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Vegan Proteins Buffalo Chickpea Dip
Buffalo Chickpea Dip
Vegan Proteins Vegan Quinoa and Kale Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing
Quinoa & Kale Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing
Vegan Proteins Dijon Chickpea and Tofu Salad
Dijon Chickpea and Tofu Salad
Vegan Proteins Barbecue Tempeh
Barbecue Tempeh
Vegan Proteins Caesar Salad Dressing
Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing
Vegan Proteins Buffalo Tofu Bites
Buffalo Tofu Bites
Vegan Proteins Crispy Tangy Tofu
Crispy Tangy Tofu
Vegan Proteins Tempeh Bacon
Tempeh Bacon
Vegan Proteins Curry Loaded Baked Potatoes
Curry Loaded Baked Potatoes
Vegan Proteins Strawberry Banana Protein Nice Cream
Strawberry Banana Protein Nice Cream
Vegan Proteins BBQ Skewers
Vegan BBQ Skewers
(Alice) Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Shake_Cover Photo
Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Shake
'Egg' sandwich
"Egg" Sandwich
St Patty's Day Protein Shake
St Patrick's Day Protein Shake
St Patty's Day Irish Stew
St Patrick's Day Irish Stew
Vegan Chick'n Carbonara
Vegan Chick'n Carbonara
Tofu Teriyaki Jerky
Tofu Teriyaki Jerky
chocolate chia pudding
Chocolate Chia Pudding
Slow Cooker Jambalaya
Slow Cooker Jambalaya
Seitan In Peanut Sauce
Seitan In Peanut Sauce
Vegan Pepperoni
Vegan Pepperoni
High Protein Vegan Thai Noodles
High Protein Vegan Thai Noodles
vegan greek yogurt
High Protein Vegan Greek Yogurt
Vegan Proteins Air Fryer Pita Chips
Air Fryer Pita Chips
Vegan Proteins Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Single Serving Cheater Chocolate Cheesecake
Vegan Proteins Single Serving Air Fryer Protein PopTart
Single Serving Air Fryer Protein PopTart
Vegan Proteins Big Mac in a Bowl.
Big Mac in a Bowl
Vegan Protein Superfood Bowl
Vegan Superfood Bowl
Vegan Proteins Tart Cherry & Cocoa Post Workout Shake
Tart Cherry & Cocoa Post Workout Shake
Vegan Proteins Cuban Avocado Pineapple Salad
Cuban Avocado Pineapple Salad
Vegan Proteins Nutty Maple Blueberry Overnight Oats
Nutty Maple Blueberry Overnight Oats
Vegan cheese buffalo brussel sprouts.
Cheesy Buffalo Brussel Sprouts
Vegan tofu wonton soup with spring vegetables
Tofu Wonton Soup with Spring Veggies
Vegan gluten free spring minestrone soup.
Spring Minestrone Soup
Strawberry Oatmeal Vegan Protein Smoothie.
Strawberry Oatmeal Protein Smoothie
Ginger Garlic Tofu
Coconut Protein Overnight Oats
Mocha Iced Protein Latte
Easy Vegan Breakfast Burrito
Buffalo Seitan Tenders
Sweet Potato & Sausage Hash
Pinto Bean Fajita Bowl
Maple Lemon Tofu
"Bacon" Spinach Potato Frittatta
Five Spice Tofu
Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato
Maple-Mustard Roasted Seitan & Sweet Potatoes
Peach Grilled Tofu
Mushroom Barley Seitan Soup
Autumn Green Smoothie
Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake
Tropical Coconut Water Smoothie
Banana Orange Spinach Protein Smoothie
Cherry Kale Smoothie
Meaty Seitan Satay with Peanut Sauce
Meaty Seitan Satay with Peanut Sauce
High Protein Pizza Crust
Green Beans and Tofu with Peanuts
Sheet Pan French Toast
Thai Peanut Lettuce Cups
Hot & Sour Soup
Breakfast Burritos
Chicken Pot Pie
Fudgy Vegan Protein Brownies
Apple Sage Sausage Stuffing
Mushroom Gravy
"Beef" and Broccoli
High-Protein Sandwich Bread
vegan buffalo chicken dip high protein
Buffalo Chick'n Dip
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Stuffed "Turkey" Loaf
Buffalo Tofu Salad with Creamy Ranch Dressing
Gluten-Free Protein Brownies
Magic Bar Banana Protein Muffins
Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers
Roasted Rustic Root Vegetables
One-Pot Peanut Noodles: 2 Ways!
One-Pot Black Bean Chili
Mini No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecakes
High Protein Cinnamon Rolls
Kitchen Sink Tofu Frittata
Peanut Butter Chocolate Vegan Protein Bars
Vegan Protein Soft Pretzels
Soft Protein Pretzels
5 Minute Taco Meat
World's Easiest Low-Carb Vegan BBQ Sauce
Meatless Loaf (Halloween)
High Protein Pumpkin Raisin Bread
High Protein Mac 'n' Cheese
Homemade Beyond Burger
5 Minute Single Serving Seitan
Corned Beef Roast
Macro Friendly Vegan Cheese
Protein Bagels
Home Made Meaty Chunks and Crumbles
Ghia's High Protein Lemon Loaf
Spicy Thai Peanut Popcorn
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dusted Popcorn
Tofu Buffalo Wings
double chocolate vegan protein cookies
Double Chocolate Protein Cookies
Simple Tofu Scramble
Tofurky Reuben
Gardein Sloppy Joes
Beyond Chick'n Broccoli Ziti
Beyond Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Chicken Picatta
Chorizo Seitan Sausage
Homemade Breakfast Sausage Link
Italian Sausage
Kale Salad with Miso Tahini Dressing
Low Carb Lavash Pizza
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Protein Shake
Carrot Cake Oatmeal
Blackened Tofu
Fat Free Refried Beans
Spicy Black Eyes Peas and Collards
Grilled Portobellos
Garlic Kale with Mushrooms
Un-Fried Rice
Spinach and Pear Salad
Spicy Peanut Tofu Stir Fry
Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake
The Lean and Green Protein Shake
Birthday Cake Protein Shake
Healthy Elvis Protein Shake
Thin Mint Protein Shake
Chickpea Quinoa Pilaf
Sweet Potato Lentil Stew
Lemon Pepper Asparagus
Cheezy Roasted Broccoli
Simple Air Fried Tempeh
Basic Air Fried Tofu
Chocolate Cherry Protein Shake
Lazy Girl Protein Pancakes
Basic Protein Pancakes - Soy Free Gluten Free
Protein Snickerdoodle Cookie
Blueberry Chia Pudding
Crispy Brussel Sprouts
Classic Vegan Jerky
Corned "Beef" and Cabbage Soup
The Low Carb Seeker Wrap
Single Serving Caesar Salad with Tempeh Croutons
Giacomo's Barbecue Seitan Ribs
Dani's Dense Energy Bars
Calorie Boosting Peanut Sauce
Tempeh Picadillo
Banana Oat Muffin
Hummus Crusted Tofu
Mini-Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Protein Bars
Super Simple Single Serving French Toast
Zucchini Chips
Southern Collard Greens
Smoky Maple Seitan Loaf
High Protein Chocolate Mousse
Mini Tofu Crustless Quiche
Chocolate Protein Ice Cream