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Giacomo Marchese & Dani Taylor

The founders of Vegan Proteins and PlantBuilt have been coaching vegan athletes since 2012, and have nearly 40 years of veganism between them.  Through detailed one-on-one coaching, Dani and Giacomo each bring their strengths to every athlete they coach. Check out their testimonial page to hear what clients are saying or the about page to learn more about each of them!






Giacomo Marchese has been an athlete for as long as he can remember, and with over 25 years of competitive history, he has a unique perspective on longevity in training and nutrition.  Paying close attention to detail, as a versatile vegan coach and sculpted vegan trainer, he thinks outside of the box to help clients find the best possible ways to reach their goals in powerlifting, bodybuilding, or general fat loss and muscle building.







                 Dani has a different story.  She grew up very overweight and lost 80 pounds on her own before finding strength training. Over the last 19 years, she has turned her health and physique around, winning trophies in natural figure competitions and working as a successful vegan personal trainer to coach hundreds of vegan athletes, including nearly 50 vegan bodybuilders, to the stage.  Her unhealthy upbringing and extreme physique transformation give her a unique perspective and the ability to meet a client wherever they are at and lead them forward to their goals.


Athena Trombly is an inspiring vegan coach and an amazing human being. Her goal as a coach is to make the process of reaching your goal enjoyable and meaningful. After years of inner work, she’s reached many of her fitness goals, while also finding comfort in her body. Finding comfort in your body does not mean you have let go of having goals. Rather, it means you’re able to accept yourself as you are while striving for goals that are fulfilling to you – not society.

She wants to help people cultivate self-acceptance while also striving for their full potential. No more starving, no more cookie cutter workouts, no more self-doubt, no more feeling not good enough. Let’s kick low-esteem in the ass and reach your goals together!

Athena is a psychology major, NASM certified, Vegan Proteins certified, a practicing Buddhist, and a brain tumor survivor. Quite the impressive human. And a great coach.





Our one-on-one coaching is a fully hands-on and custom experience. Every client’s journey is different. When we begin working together we will:

  • Assess where you are now.
  • Assess your health and fitness goals and outline the best plan of action.
  • Teach you proper nutrition to reach your goals. This will entail either a  meal plan or macro guidelines, depending on your level of comfort and experience.
  • Create a personalized training program designed to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently.
  • Teach you mindset techniques to make long-lasting change possible, tailored to your personality and your lifestyle. This is the KEY to long-lasting change.
  • Identify the mental and physical road-blocks that have been holding you back.  We will systematically tackle these in a way to make your life run as smoothly as possible concurrent with reaching your goals.
  • Communicate with you in weekly video chats, as well as unlimited text message support in our private app.  It is like you have us in your pocket all the time.  These are not the quick one-sentence check-ins that many coaches do.  These are thorough, in-depth, and completely custom to what we think is best for you to reach YOUR goals.
  • You will also have access to our live group calls that we do twice a month so you can learn about others’ journies as well.  This is amazing for sharing success and struggles with like-minded people.  This is also supplemented with a private Facebook group.

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Who Do We Coach?

We’ve worked with many different types of clients, but some qualities make the vegan fitness coaching relationship a great match. Before applying, take a moment to consider if you are:

  • 18+ years of age.
  • Vegan, or willing to eat a vegan diet.
  • Experienced in the weight room – meaning you’ve learned the proper form with compound lifts and have access to weight training equipment.
  • A fan of all the vegan food groups! We do not specifically promote or advise for soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, oil-free, etc.  We believe the inclusion of as many foods as possible is important for long-term success. Allergies are something we can totally work with, but people who restrict entire food groups, and are not willing to work towards incorporating more of them, will probably not work well with our style of coaching.
  • Those willing to put in some hard work! It takes a certain kind of internal motivation for an online coaching relationship to work since we are not there in person to push you. While we do our best to motivate from afar, you have to have a fire in you to work harder, get stronger, and learn more about how your body works best. You don’t necessarily have to be an athlete, but thinking like one is definitely a plus.  You will get out of this what you put into it and we will always meet you where you are.
  • We do not just work with bodybuilders!  Somewhere along the line, we got this reputation, and while we do love our bodybuilding client’s, we work with people from ALL walks of life with all kinds of goals.  Whether you want to generally become more fit, or lose 100+ pounds, we would be honored to guide you there.

Does this sound like you? Then we’d love to hear from you. If you’re serious about working with a vegan coach and are ready to take the next step towards a balanced and fit life, check out our current services offered and fill out the application below. Because we pride ourselves on providing the best services to each and every one of our clients, one-on-one spaces are very limited, so serious inquiries only, please.

Vegan Coaching For Everyone

We coach everyone from those wanting to lose a few pounds and get stronger, all the way up to professional bodybuilders and elite powerlifters.

We are also available for Zoom or phone consults to discuss your goals and the best course of action to reach them. You can also check out Dani’s book, Flexible Dieting for Vegans (in either e-book or print format) which is a very accessible 150-page book that teaches you how to be your own vegan diet coach step by step whether you are looking to shed fat, build muscle or both!

For more free information, be sure to subscribe to our podcast Muscles By Brussels Radio, our YouTube Channel, and follow both Dani and Giacomo on Instagram for continuous nutrition and fitness advice.