Customer Testimonials

Just wanted send a quick thank you note, and let you know I got the package safely. Thanks a lot for all the cool stuff you’ve included, really appreciate it! When this batch runs out, I’ll definitely order from you again.  -Maxim (Netherlands)

I received my Vegan Proteins package today, was so happy to see it on my front door step. Was amazed at how quickly it got here. I just wanted to say Thank You for the Beautiful package and the quick service. I look forward to ordering from you again real soon.  -Dana P.

Wow – amazing service! Geez should I have paid more for personal and same day delivery?? Thanks a million! -Kathy L.

Thanks so much. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Happy holidays!! -Linda D.

I just received the packet. Thanks for all the free stuff and the personal note. -Oliver J. (Netherlands)

Thank you so much for the protein shipment. It is awesome to know when I buy protein I am supporting great folks. -Steve A.

Timing is everything. I was sitting here with my stomach putting my spine in a choke hold (= very hungry). The box you sent got here, I opened it and–Probar! Woop woop! I think I swallowed it whole. Thanks for the freebies. So not necessary, but surely appreciated. Good luck and continued success to you guys. -Heather M.

I just got the package today. Thanks for the personal note and all the extras. I can’t wait to try them all! -Todd B.

Just to let you know: Today I received the parcel with the proteins and all the other goodies – thank you!! It’s really cool to have a hand-written note in a parcel from America!! -Laura D.

Hey portland its brooklyn lol… Thanks for the cool samples! I’m so excited to to try the shake and everything. Your the best! Once I convert my friends to vegan ill send them over -Shaneequewa

Thank you so much for letting me know. You guys have the best customer service ever, I really appreciate it! Hope you had a good holiday weekend. My order came today, its pretty much better than Christmas! Thank you so much, and I really appreciate all the extras. I work at a natural foods store as a chef and they finally just decided to start carrying the Vega products this week. The distributor came and handed out these Vega sport bags and I missed it, I was so bummed, but, now I have one!! Thanks again, you are the best! -Melissa O.

Hey! I received it! I was not at my mother´s house hehe… but thank you very much and also for the small samples! for sure I´ll buy with you again! xau!. -Montserrat (Mexico)

Just want you to know how happy we are to have found your wonderful products, vegan, yummy can’t beat that! My husband and I (and our 2 1/2 year old) are vegans and were elated when we found good quality vegan protein sources that we could to supplement between workouts. We love working out A LOT and your products have been so helpful in keeping us energized at a low cal cost. Can’t say Naima loves the vega protein shake but she does love the fruition bars (she calls them chocolate!) -Karina R.

Yes! today the last box arrived! I havent even gotten to look at everything yet, but am excited. Thanks for such quick shipment, I just ran out of Vega! awesome! -Joe K.

Just wanted to say thanks!!!! When the box with the Vega came last week, it was like Christmas with all the other goodies you folks threw in there! You all are the best! -Sue S.

Thank you again for the freebies!!! -Lauren

Thanks for the quick and consistent communication. -Roxy

Evan is convinced that one of the energy packets you included increased his weight-lifting ability. Have you noticed this? Thanks again for your nice notes -Laura

Hi there, Thanks for the order, samples, and nice note about your Seattle trip -Jennifer

Thanks for the order and goodies. All arrived safely. You rock!! -Steve

Thank you so much for your donation to our auction. Our auction raised $4000 to help animals in need -Jamie (www.luvapet.net)

Wow! This is my second order from you all and I’m hooked. Thank you so much for supporting a deployed soldier. I know that my contribution helps you guys too though so this is really a win-win situation. The Sun Warrior tastes great. Once again, sincerely, thanks! -LeoDavid

Thanx for the free stuff! -Joe

Just placed my first order of Sun Warrior…. excited to try it! I’ve been wanting to for a really long time. Yay! you guys have the best price too! Thank you for that! -Megan

Holy smokes! Thanks for all these goodies. Wow, this Herbivore book is going to be so handy. You are awesome. Also a very special thanks for the motivation and kind words. For a second there I was getting distracted. I put the note on my TV screen so if I think it’s time to chill out I am reminded of all I have to accomplish. -DJ

Thank you for your communication and service! -Raymond (Puerto Rico)

Thanks SO MUCH mate!!!! -Lorenzo (London, UK)

I got my order!! You guys are awesome!! Thank you!! -Stephanie (London, UK)

Thanks, Giacomo! BTW I tried the sample of Sun Warrior chocolate – holy moly! Delicious with water and ice. No bloat. We’ll def be ordering more Vega and Sun Warrior next month!! -Reyna (Hawaii)

I really appreciate the effort. Just to let you know, you found yourself a long-term customer, Sun Warrior is definitely my choice regarding protein supplements. -Christian (Brazil)

Send it my way! I showed my younger brother (who’s bigger than me) your site and he got a little upset. He said that he as a meat eater works hard to look like you guys and you guys don’t eat meat! I’m going to thank you everytime I order because you all truly make a difference in someone’s life. So… Thank you. -LeoDavid

Got our hemp powder and vega sport optimizer – yeah!! Good stuff!! Thanks! -Rayna

Thank you so much. You’re the best. I’m loving all the proteins. -AGW

Thank you for the extras and thank you for the VeganProteins. I have found Sunwarrior indispensible! Whey makes me nauseous, not to mention its origins. Kieran likes the sticker. He says thanks! PS It’s fitness comp taining time! 😀 -Christine

sp Hell VeganProteins & Giacomo. Oh my amazingness, coming home to a quirky lil’ stickered box after a long day I had no idea opf the feel good that awaited its opening. I am in -Monica K

I am always thrilled with my “gift” and am super excited that my sister has experience the love that is your company as well. Xoxo -Sherrie

I received my package today and I felt like it was my birthday! Thank ou for all of the smaple products and free bag etc. I love my picture on the bottom of the box! LOL so very cute 🙂 -Melissa

Thank you so much for all your wonderful products. Every time I get an order your special wrapping and special treats on the inside, it’s like Christmas. I will continue to be a customer and I always tell my friends about you. You’re great. -Sara M.

Just wanetd to thank you for all the ‘bonus happys’ you added to my order! And… There’s just something about a handwritten note… You Rock too!! I’ll be back! -Micah

I received my order the other week and I just wanted to so thank you very much! I love the workout gear, I am now absolutely addicted to my vanilla chai vega and the handwritten note was lovely! You really do look after your customers and I have been telling my friends, so I have a few friends that are keen to order some Vega too! Thanks also for the samples of the various proteins. Have a fabulous day and I can’t thank you enough! -Jodi (Australia)

Thanks so much for the personalized delivery and note, as well as all of the free samples.  I really appreciate it-will order from you guys again next time-Avik

Thanks a bunch for the goodies.  BTW I am addicted to the Chocolate VegaOne.  Om nom nom <3-Andrea

Hello wonderful people at VeganProteins!  Comtinue to be in awe of your awesomeness. xoxo-Sherrie

Hi Giacomo.  Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely and to thank you for all the extras.  You are very kind and I appreciate your thoughtfullness greatly.-Kerry

You boys are so sweet (I just got a personalized email from Robert!) Wishing you all the best, Gaia.-Tracy

You guys are so awesome, keep up the good work.-Dot

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the nice note and free stuff that came with my order.  I will definitely be supporting you and making more purchases in the near future.  Thanks for everything you do for the animals!  Take care.-Tavis

Thank you guys for being an awesome company and having awesome choices!! 🙂-Barbara and the dogs o: o:

THANK YOU!! Best service i’ve received ordering online (hand decorated box? a handwritten note?! amazing!!)…you were more than generous with the samples included!! AND, so super tasting!! I’ve literally been waiting for my watch to single meal no. 5!! I can’t wait for payday to order more!!-Shannon

You’re the best!  Thank you so much! It’s so exciting to get my orders 🙂-Jodi

The proteins arrived today.  Tomorrow I will taste them after training 🙂 .  Thanks alot for all the present you put inside!  A bug hug from Spain.-Jose (Spain)

Thank you SO much for my awesome package!  I loved the Vega hat and the extra samples and our lovely handwritten note!  It arrived so quickly too.  I think that’s a record quick USA to Australia trip 🙂-Jodi (Australia)

Hi! This is Anna V, I just received my vegan shorts and sooo many other fun things!  You sent me a cool tote bag, samples of Vega and Sunwarrior products, decorated my box that everything came in, went above and beyond my expectations for sure!  I will DEF be ordering from ou guys again!  I also told some fellow vegans about your site, so you should be receiving more customers soon!  I will order Sun Warrior as soon as I can, it tastes AMAZING! and those shorts will be my new running shorts for sure.  Thank you again!-Anna V

You guys are so great!!  Check out your little drawing, cute note and al the goodies!  Thank you so much!  I’m enjoying my vega shake right now!  Woo hoo.  Thanks guys!-Margaret

I first want to tell you how happy I was with the customer service on the order-the samples and personalized note are a nice touch.  Most of all-I LOVE the box that was sent-it went from you guys al the way to AZ with all the vegan messages on it.  I am all about educating people about being veg, and I think it’s awesome that you write on the box the way you do.  I will definitely be buying my proteins from you guys from now on.-Mike

Got the shipment and I appreciated so much the gifts and samples in the box and the magazine… My favorite is the wax sealed note 😉  Perfect way to send an order out.  I will be in touch regarding another order-Josh

Thank you very much.  Fantastic service and support.  Keep up the great work!-Ben

Just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all the extras.  So unneccessary yet greatly appreciated.  I can’t wait to try them all!-Michele

You guys are flat-out amazing and I will never hesitate to recommend your store to anyone who will listen.  I was so blown away by the insane amount of extras you threw in!-Justin

I wanted to let you know that I received my order and I was so surprised by all of the extra freebies and the notes from you, Dani and Robert!  You are makinf shopping with VeganProteins a great experience!  By making the experience so personal, and so personable, you’re going a long way towards building a loyal and appreicative customer base.  But you probably already know that 🙂  Cheers and continued success-Christian

Ok, I just received my first package from you guys and if the protein powder is anywhere near as good as your notes and the box I will never order from anyone else again!  Thanks for the Awesome Happy Box!!!-Sena

Thanks for the supplies and the great customer service!!-Jay

Ok, I just received my first package from you and if the protein powder is anywhere near as good as your notes and the box I will never order from anyone else again!  Thanks for the Awesome Happy Box!!! “We may have to borrow your Happy Box Phrase! -VeganProteins crew” -Please do and y’ll were right, the protein is great tasting! -Sena

I just received my order and wanted to thank you for the samples (it’s like Christmas) and a hand-written note.  I truly enjoy buying from you guys and have tried to spread the word as much as possible.  Ordering is easy, you have quite a variety of things to buy, my shipment arrives in a timely manner and the stuff is top quality.  I refuse to order my Vega or Sunwarrior anywhere else!-Elizabeth

Wow speedy delivery!  Looking forward to doing business with you guys again!-Char

There isn’t much of an interest in veganism here in Watts, CA.  Thanks to you guys I can now sport my new t-shirt while working out.  The samples were also very good.  Keep up the awesome work!-Jose

Thank you so much for drawing on the box!!  It was so great that you personalized a message for me.  Although I may not be able to buy consistently from you, I am now a loyal customer and will press the word of VegaProteins to as many as I can.-Rashida

Hope all is well with you!  I’m training for me next Tough Mudder, which is in October.  Cool you & RC want to do one! 🙂  The ice water isn’t too bad (ok who am I kidding?)  But you guys can hndle it!!  Take care-Jennifer

You guys are awesome!  Keep up the incredible work you’re doing, it’s making the world a better and healthier place!-Lizzie

Hi Giacomo!  I’m so loving my Vega mix and telling friends about your site!  Hope all is well!-Margaret

Thanks.  The package arrived and I appreciate the freebies once again.  The blender will most certainly get very good use and the Journey Bars are great.  Nice to have something savory to keep the energy levels up!-Kerry (Australia)

Thanks.  I love getting your handwritten notes with the wax stamp.-Jennifer

My order of protein has arrived and with all of your presents, thank you so much.  🙂  Now I have the extra-fuel!! A big hug from here and a pleasure to work with you!!-Jose` (Spain)

This is such an amazing company!  I’m definitely going to tell all my friends in the Vegetarian club at Boston University 🙂 -Mary Bell

Thank you so much for my vegan proteins order and the AWESOME box it came in.  I love the drawings on the box!  Especially the one of me pumping iron, so great -Lindsay

Love the note with sealing wax and the decorated box and the bag that now goes with me to Whole Foods.  You guys are great.  Thanks so much for spreading fun -Billy

I received my order and absolutely LOVED the custom artwork on the box, especially Vegan Deb lifting weights!! Yay Vegan!!  I wish nothing but the best for you and our company and will be a loyal customer.  Hey!..and thanks for the protein bars! -Deb

I wanted to thank you guys for the goodies you sent along with the protein – that shaker bottle is awesome!! I was so surprised when I opened the box – it’s very cool that you guys do that!!  You guys really rock!!-Mike

Hi.  I received my products and wanted to thank you for all the freebies.  I appreciate your great service! -Mellina

You went over board with the free stuff 🙂  Thanks for all the new stuff to try!  I really appreciate it. -Jeremy

Got my package o’ protein in record time.  Wanted to say I really appreciate the personal touch.  Happy to support you guys!  After all, you support me in my drive for better health and fitness. -Tony

Thanks for always hooking me up with great stuff & incredible customer service.  In health, -Lizzie

Thank you so much for everything you have done.  Every order I have gotten is always great to see when it comes to my front door.  Have not found any other company that gives the same kind of service as you do.  Sometimes I wish I could work there because you care about all your customers as if they were family.  You in me will always have a customer as long as I have money to buy from you.  Keep up the great work! -Miguel

My Vegan Bodybuilding Singlet arrived all the way to New Zealand from you guys, wow!!  Thank you guys so much for all the brochures and samples, got to be the best delivery I have ever gotten.  It is business like you that should be more renounced.  I will definitely spread the word about you guys and order from you more often  🙂 -Brayden (New Zealand)

To VeganProtein BAMFS!  Thank you so much for your incredible customer service, products and prices!  I’m happy to be a loyal customer and to continue spreading the word about your company! -Lizzie

We got our order yesterday!  Thanks so much.  We really appreciate the hand written note and will be purchasing from you again in the future.  I have also given your name and web address out to two of our friends who are looking for a source to buy vegan protein powders from.  So hopefully they will purchase from you.  Thanks so much and we are happy to help support small businesses! -Molly

Hi guys.  I got my package today.  Thank you for the extra goodies you threw in there.  I tried the protein and it was very good.  I will try the bar tomorrow.  Thanks also for the fun drawing of me on the box.  It was suprizingly accurate.  Keep up the good work and i’ll do my best to get you some more customers! -Shawn

Thanks for your fantastic service and I will definitely recommend your business to others. -Sharon)

Just a brief thanks for the package which arrived safely and once again for the extras.   In your own way you are helping the little individuals I get to go out and collect.  We have been through a baby possum stage and now the baby birds are coming out.  Soon it will be the reptiles.  I often think how lucky I am to get to meet these wonderful little individuals. -Kerry (Australia)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your guidance!!  I very much appreciate it!  My trainers are so knowledgeable, but they had no idea what to tell me now that I am no longer able to tolerate whey.  Honestly I wish I would have made the switch years ago because I feel the best I have ever felt taking the plant protein!  I have already shared your website with several people! -Jessica

Thank you for the package and all that came with it.  I received it exactly on Christmas Day and has such a gladness with it.  You did a really nice job with the letter on the outside and the great drawings inside.  I loved it!!!  And best thanks for the additional extras.  The other products are also great (certainly because they are vegan).  Also, the bottles are perfect and practical with the cool ball inside.  To clarify, since Christmans, I have been wearing the vegan shirts every day, in the gym, at home and for the lifestyle with great pride.  I love them!! 😉  So have a nice day and agaion and again a big thanks to your company.  You make me so proud to be a vegan athlete.  Thanks for the motivation. -Christian (Austria)

Hi Giacomo and team!  Thank you so much for the neatly decorated package and all the goodies inside :0)  I received the package very quickly and I truly appreciate it.  My friend loved the decorations on the box and all the hand written message!  She said she is going to order her proteins from vegan proteins as well Yay!  I really appreciate the samples as I am just getting started and trying to figure out what works best for me and what doesn’t.  I wish you all the continued success and you will be seeing an order from me in the future!  Peace -Shantel

Thank you Dani and Giacomo for the awesome customer service and samples!  I love my shorts and my new blender bottle! xo-Sara (Sweet and Sara Marshmallows, www.sweetandsara.com )

I received the book with the extra samples with it today.  Thank you so much!  You were very easy to talk to and very understanding.  Thanks for all you did for me. -Marie

I received my shirt today and was so pleased with the beautifully decorated envelope and the personal touches!  Awesome!  It totally made my day.  I will wear my shirt proudly at my first figure competition in March, One month short of my 50th birthday.  What an honor it will be to wear something from a company that supports a lifestyle I support.  Thank you thank you thank you!  And you can bet your butt I will be Training Hard! And. Plant Strong -April

My package has just arrived.  Thank you very much for your attention (or kindness, sorry don’t know the right word) and thanks for the free samples.  Great way of treating customers!!! -Diego (Brazil)

Thanks so much for my recent order.  The drawings on the box were terrific! -Eric

Thank you very much for your fast reply on this.  We’ll be more than happy to speak highly of your service to others over here who will be chasing products of yours -Kael (Australia)

I got my package today – Thrive, Vega protein bars, and some nice goodies that you threw in!  I just wanted to say thank you for your nice note, and the extra items, as well as the drawings on the box – as a customer it’s always nice when the seller goes the extra mile.  I’m currently training for my first half marathon (and just finished reading Matt Frazier’s half marathon guidebook) and am excited to use some of these products and start reading Thrive!  Keep up the good work! -Stephanie

Thanks so much for the personalized attention; it’s very refreshing! I will most definitely be using and recommending your company in the future. -Nicholas

I just got the products from post.  They are awesome and thanks a lot for the goodies and the personal note!! 🙂  Will try them all… Thanks again!  You guys are doing a formidable job in promoting vegan products and I wish you best of luck! -Karvesh (Mauritius)

Thanks so much for the awesome package.  I already received it! -Christina (Netherlands)

You guys are the bomb!  My plantfusion protein arrived last week and I feel more motivated already!  More so, thank you so much for the product samples, informational pamphlets, handwritten note and of course your creative artwork on the outside of my package hahh!  The vega sport pamphlet was most informative.  The material inside gave me a greater sense of direction towards my training and nutritional habits.  You’ll definitely be seeing me again soon!  Thank for the support -John

Just wanted to thank Giacomo and Dani for going above and beyond.  I ordered a container of protein and y’all included a bunch of samples, tons of info and a hand written not.  Wow.  Thanks for all you do.  Great company. -Paul

Hi.  Thanks a lot.  My order arrived today, already.  That’s just crazy how fast that was.  Thank you also for your note.  I like the closure, as well.  I want to make another order, especially your book about nutrition and training for vegans 🙂  I’ll be back for that later.  Thanks again. -Sira (Norway)

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service & products I received.  I love the personal touches & extra goodies your company provides.  You have earned a lifetime customer! -Angela

I received a package today that was filled with extra goodies!  Thank you so much! -Maxine

Hello, wonderful Vegan Proteins crew!  Your cheerfully decorated shipping box absolutely made my day, and thank you so kindly for such a quick delivery of my Journey Bars.  Shopping with your company was easy, accurate and wonderful from start to finish – I wish you much success in your business and much happiness in life.  Your fan -Stacey K

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.  I just got my box expecting protein powder and I got the added bonus of a cute drawing, a hand written note, and free samples.  Now I am obsessed with journey bars and telling all my CrossFit friends to buy from you!  Thanks! -Lacy

Thanks & you guys have the most amazing customer service!! It was my first order from you, and the box with all of the added goodies made my day 🙂 -Sandra

Hey Giacomo and Dani! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the most recent order and your generosity with the extras and the cool artwork 🙂 I want you to know that I am extremely grateful for everything you do. I will continue to to raise awareness and spread the word of veganproteins.com as much as possible. Take care and Bless you All!-Tavis

I receive the package this morning. Thank you for the time spent to inform me and the different gifts, :o) You’re great, see you soon for a new order.-Thomas (France)

Ok, for starters, I want to say that you guys kick so much ass. Every time I order anything from you guys, you take the time out to draw random awesomeness on each one of my boxes, you guys write me a hand written letter saying thank you, AND then you guys give me a CRAP load of free stuff. You guys literally rock. I love your company and everything that you guys are doing. That’s why I only order my protein through you guys.
Secondly, I want to say thank you Robert, or Rob, or Robie, or Dr. BA vegan bodybuilder (cuz that’s what I would go by if I were you). I just got a box, from you……a professional bodybuilder…….from your address…….to me……..a nobody (for now, fingers crossed)……..with SOOO much misc. goodness and a hand written card complete with picture (actually laughed out loud when I saw that btw) from you telling me how much you appreciate my business. Dude, no business/person/professional person does that……ever! Just by you taking the time to do that has absolutely won me over. I will literally never by my protein or supplements from anyone else but you. From one vegan to another, I love you man…in a totally normal….straight, man-crush….sort of way…? Anyway….ya, you guys are awesome. -Landon

My Vega One Bars and the SunWarrior have just arrived.
Thanks a lot for all the extra gifts!!! Loved specially the Thrive Forward cord! -Diego (Brasil)

Thanks for the aweome and continued service to reach my performance goals!! In the past two months I have gone from 140Lbs to 173lbs, and my rock climbing has gotten even better. You guys are the best!!!!! -Zack

our order has arrived. The products are just wonderful!!
Thank you so much for shipping to Germany.
We are really grateful that you deliver such good products and information. -Sonja (Germany)

Hi Dani and Giacomo, I just wanted to write and compliment you on your customer service. I had ordered two tubs of Vega and one was on back order. You were kind enough to call me to let me know and then throw in free gifts with both my orders. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future.-Jennifer

Thank you SO much!! And also thanks for the extras! Even the box was decorated all fancy !! Love it!! Repeat customer for sure!!-Rebecca

Thank you very much! My product arrived yesterday and it was beautiful decorated and sent with care I can tell. Thank you for the extra effort 🙂-Teresa

I received the package! Thanks for such a timely delivery!-Joe

Thank you so much for yet another perfect service arrangement, much appreciated. Payment sent and be seeing you guys soon again!-Daniel (Sweden)

Hey guys, I like you. You have a nice website. I like the cute pictures you drew on my box last time I ordered. The hand-written note you put in the box made me feel like you care about me.-Margo

I tell everyone I can about this website. I love the customer service!-Autumn

Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I got my package today and am completely satisfied with your service! I know you are probably super busy with your company and get many emails but this day in age, it is so hard to get good service, and yours has by far been the best that I have had in some time! On top of that, I forgot that I was getting a box of goodies to go along with my order, which made it that much more exciting! I will for sure continue shopping with your company and tell everyone to do the same! Thanks for such great customer service!-Hollie

Hello! I just received my first order from you and I just want to thank you for adding in the additional samples. The rawfusion peanut chocolate fudge protein powder is delicious! I am just beginning my Vegan journey, having grown up in the deep south meat was a staple in our household. It has certainly been a learning experience as I transition and am thrilled to have a shop like you guys to turn to for supplements and support! I will continue to do business with you guys in the future. Thank you again!-Kyla

Thanks so much for the freebies! Will order from you guys again!-JR

Love your store and your service is impeccable! I am a big fan!-Brooke

hello to all, yesterday finally I received your protein. I am very sodisfatto and surprised by the taste and ease with which dissolve in water. Thanks so much for being there and for all that done. A BIG WELCOME from ITALY-Fabio (Italy)

Thanks for my awesome personalized package! I can’t wait to wear my shorts in a road race!-Nicole

G’day mate, thanks so much for that. Straight into use tomorrow morning on the way to the gym 🙂 The mrs had a good chuckle with all the drawings inside the delivery box haha. Thanks again for your prompt service, you’ll hear from me soon again for a re-stock 🙂-Kael (South Australia)

Thank you! I love the little drawings on the box! It makes my day!-Margie

Wanted to compliment you on the packaging and the customer service – with the age of the internet and online ordering, to give the personal touch you guys do, is second to no one!-Kevin

Have I told you you guys are awesome? Great products, great company, great people. I couldn’t be happier!-Bridgette

Thanks for your kind note and my wife enjoyed all of the different drawings on the box…very unique!-Kevin

I have to say, I was never as excited to open up a package from anyone as I was when I received yours today! This is the 1st time I had a “picture” of me drawn on the box! Loved it. Can’t wait to try everything.-Herb

Thanks for sending the samples (and T, shaker, info) of the proteins with my order. The packaging really put a smile on my face. : )-Geoff

I have received my Christmas box just this afternoon. Merci beaucoup. I understand why UPS web site tracking did not work. Never mind, today i have been able to light up the Christmas tree Jean-Luc with vitamins !. Thank you for tees, in the Brown one i can show my muscles and the white one i can pretend i have plenty of the same muscles hiding Under! As usual also thanks a lot for the treats. Very kind of you.
Tonight i read the magazine. Bonne journée to all of you.-Jean-Luc, (Switzerland)

Thank you so very much for taking care of me , for the fun box cool stamps you got me this is my stop and always shop from vegan proteins! Thank you for the samples! I like the protein powder my body muscles were in pain with out it:) I was craving it bad! I will keep shopping from you! Thanks again for everything!-Eva

I just received my order # 5063, and I wanted to let you know not only did everything make it safely, but what a pleasant surprise it was with the drawings and stickers.
My kids and I had a good time checking them all out!
Thanks for the personal touch-Kevin