Vega Sport Protein Powder

5 proteins blended with BCAA stack, L-Glutamine & digestive enzymes

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Contains Yellow Pea, Saviseed, Sprouted Raw Brown Rice, Hemp, Alfalfa) + BCAA stack, L-Glutamine and infused with a digestive enzyme blend for maximum assimilation!

A broad-spectrum formulation of synergistic, complementary plant-based ingredients, each chosen with a specific purpose in mind.

Whereas most protein powders are acid-forming, causing inflammation that reduces muscular strength, endurance and functionality and slows recovery; Vega Sport Performance Protein is 100% plant-based, alkaline-forming and provides a complete balanced array of essential and non essential amino acids. And did we mention it tastes great and mixes instantly in water too?


What’s So Cool About Vega Sport Performance Protein?

Taken regularly in conjunction with exercise, VegaSport Performance Protein will help to:

  • Improve exercise performance
  • Maintain strength during workouts
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis
  • Develop and maintains bone strength
  • Assist in muscle cell repair after exercise
  • Reduce inflammation, soreness and fatigue
  • Reduce length of recovery between training
  • Provide immune support following exercise


Key Ingredients:

Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein. Raw and sprouted for exceptional digestibility (98%), our unique brown rice protein includes the bran, germ and endosperm of the whole rice grain. It is a complete and bioavailable protein (PDCAAS = 1) sporting a 96% correlation to whey protein and 98% correlation to human milk. Organically grown and produced via a proprietary, low temperature enzymatic biofermentation process, our rice protein is made without any chemicals, acids or solvents.

Organic Green Pea Protein. Pea is one of the best plant based sources of protein for human consumption due to its rich amino acid profile and bioavailability. Particularly high in pea protein is lysine, an essential amino acid that helps convert fatty acids into energy, reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, enhances calcium absorption and promotes collagen formation. Our green pea protein is chlorophyllrich, alkaline-forming, highly digestible and organically grown and processed.

Hemp Protein. Raw, alkaline-forming and complete, hemp protein contains all the amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids. Because it is comprised of primarily edestin and albumin, two of the most common types of proteins found in the human body, hemp protein is very easy to digest and assimilate. Clean and green, hemp protein is also a quality source of arginine, histidine, branch-chained amino acids and Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.

Organic alfalfa juice protein. Our alfalfa juice protein comes from young alfalfa plants, harvested at their peak and gently processed to maintain optimal nutritional properties. A raw, alkaline-forming and easily digestible source of complete protein, alfalfa juice protein is rich in chlorophyll and xanthophyll and provides all the essential and non essential amino acids plus 21 vitamins and minerals including beta carotene, vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Glutamine. Proven to support and enhance recovery after training, glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the body. Because your body will digest its own muscle to get glutamine, supplementing with this amino acid during times of heavy training or dieting is key to preventing muscle catabolism. Used in conjunction with proper training, glutamine can produce exceptional results in strength, muscle growth, and accelerated fat loss.

Digestive Enzymes. Our unique digestive enzyme blend was specially formulated to enhance the digestibility, absorption and overall nutrition of our ProVega plant-based protein blend. We included plant and bacterial based proteolytic enzymes, aminopeptidase and hemicellulase to help eliminate any side effects like gas, bloating and discomfort. It also helps reduce inflammation, speed up recovery after exercise

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  • Steph Bowman
    March 25, 2013

    I have to say, I grabbed this just to try and by mistake grabbed vanilla. Normally, that flavor is just nasty. I was VERY surprised at not only how easy it mixes (in water) but the flavor! No nasty after taste and it actually tastes like vanilla. I’m excited to try chocolate next! Mixing it in nut milk just makes it that much tastier!

  • Vega Performance Protein Chocolate is by far the best tasting protein shake I ever had( mixed on its own with plain water ).
    Also, the Vega Performance Vanilla is different from all the Vanilla flavors that are out there, it has a STRONG and sweet vanilla taste. Really good!
    The only two downsides are:
    – mixability: the protein tends to `settle`, so you have to mix/shake it several times if you are a slow drinker.
    – and the price, but you are getting what you pay for! Great Quality.

  • By far my favorite post-workout protein! I haven’t found another that comes close to the great flavor, many other powders have a strong stevia flavor, which I’m personally not a fan of, but Vega Sport I can mix with just water and it tastes great. The nutritional profile and quality ingredients can’t be beat.

  • I love the taste of the vanilla, it really tastes good! The powder mixes easily and has NO grit at all, unlike other plant based powders I have used in the past. I am sold. If you have any doubts about this product, toss them aside and buy a bottle. I promise you will not be sorry!


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