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Welcome to our new blog! We have been looking forward to this new website for a LONG time!  I hope that everyone likes it as much as we do.  It is just a much better platform to get new products and information to all you wonderful people.  I am excited to get this blog up and running, as I have lots of ideas for blog posts, and so much to share with you.  For now, let me introduce myself.

This is dani, co-owner, personal trainer and nutritionist for Vegan Proteins.  I will be primarily writing the blog posts, although I am sure that Giacomo (my wonderful fiance and the OTHER owner) will chime in from time to time too.  I also hear this rumor that he will be chairing our new youtube channel (soon to come!).  Although we started Vegan Proteins in Portland Oregon, we are currently located in my small hometown in northern Massachusetts.  We live above our office/warehouse in an old shoe mill that was turned into apartments.  We have two dogs who I am sure you will see frequently named Joey the Dachshund, and Jerome the Chihuahua Mix–they’re awesome.

Keeping warm in the Jedidiah Redwoods
Keeping warm in the Jedidiah Redwoods

A little bit about myself:  This year will be my tenth year as a vegan, although I didn’t become vegan for health reasons at all, but rather for animal rights.  I was a very unhealthy and overweight lacto-ovo vegetarian for the previous 6 years, and remained an unhealthy vegan for the first several years of being vegan.  I didn’t know what to eat and cared very little for my health (as many 17 year olds do) and subsisted mainly on bagels with mustard, french fries and soda. Even still, over the course of my first year as a vegan, I lost 30 pounds.  30 pounds!  Just from cutting dairy and eggs! Still being overweight, I realized that I now had the power to take control of my own health.  The idea that I was “just a fat person” and always would be was starting to fade.  I grabbed the reigns and never looked back.  Yes, I have struggles just like anyone else, but I don’t feel trapped by them anymore.  I don’t feel defeated by obstacles that come up. I feel like every new challenge is a chance to learn something new, so that I can then help other people struggling later.

2 months post vegan. 8 years post vegan.
2 months post vegan. 8 years post vegan.


Anyway, enough of the touchy feel-y. 😉  I look forward to connecting with you and please feel free to leave requests or questions that you would like to have answered in the comments below!

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  • Love the new website layout and really look fwd to reading the blog and keeping up with whats going on in the world of vegan proteins and learning more about you guys! Love the doggies! we ave 2 dacshunds they are the most hilarious dogs, yours is very similar to one of ours. so adorable, thanks for sharing your story!

  • It’s so exciting that you’re going to be blogging on here now :)! I don’t particularly have any requests, I just wanted to express my excitement to you somehow! I look forward to future posts :)!


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