Why BodyBuilding Is Awesome

Episode #33 – Why Bodybuilding is Awesome

SUBSCRIBE HERE! LISTEN HERE!   After many episode talking about the darker sides to bodybuilding, many have asked: “So why do you do it?” In this episode we answer just that. We also have a major announcement about the Vegan Global Lift and how to register for this major kettle bell event! More information about…
Muscles By Brussels radio - intuitive eating

Episode #29 – Intuitive Eating

Listen here or Subscribe on iTunes here! In this episode we talk about what exactly is intuitive eating and whether or not it “works” in the sport of bodybuilding. Is it for everyone? Can you do it forever? Also we discuss RomWod and answer some preliminary questions about how to get into bodybuilding competitions.
Muscles By Brussels Radio

Episode #28 – Motivation in Tough Times

A unique podcast episode featuring just Dani.  No questions, no product reviews.  Just a raw podcast of Dani explaining what has gotten her through the last 8 months of tough times in the hopes that it could help others.   Listen here! Subscribe here!
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Episode #23 – The Sexualization of Fitness

Listen Here Subscribe Here! This week, we talk about how the fitness industry has turned to sex more than ever, from fitness models to every day fitness enthusiasts. Is this helpful? Is it hurtful? Also, we review the brand new Ahi Flower Oil supplement from Clean Machine, available at veganproteins.com with free shipping using your…
Holiday fitness survival guide

Making Your Holiday Game Plan

When it comes to health, fitness and the holidays, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by making the “right” choice for your goals and for your life. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas not far after, I know many are feeling the pressure to enjoy the holidays without slacking on their fitness goals or…

Episode #19 – Dear Fat People

Listen here! Subscribe on iTunes here! This week, along with catching up in this overdue podcast, we talk about a VERY sensitive topic: fat shaming and fat phobia from both a fitness and a vegan standpoint. We also do a live Q&A via Periscope!
Airport workout

No Equipment Airport Workout

We’ve all been in a situation where we are traveling and we end up with a layover that’s several hours long.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m flying and sitting on my butt all day in a little cramped plane seat, I feel pretty crummy by the time I get to my destination.…
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Episode #18 – Bodybuilding; Behind the Curtain

Listen here! Subscribe on iTunes here! This week, Giacomo and Dani walk you through exactly what happens in the week leading up to, during, and after a bodybuilding competition. Hear all of the weird gory details of the bizarre bodybuilding world here!
Muscles By Brussels radio

Episode #17 – Don’t Put Me Down For Cardio

Listen HERE or subscribe on iTunes HERE This week, we talk all about cardio. What types of cardio should you do? When should you do it? How much is too much? Eat Like You Give a Damn Cookbook from Herbivore Clothing in Portland, Or.

Episode #16 – Self Acceptance vs. Self Improvement

Listen here or Subscribe on iTunes here! This week’s topic is a little bit different but very important nonetheless.  Is it possible to both accept yourself and work to improve yourself?  We believe it is possible and optimal for achieving a happier, healthier you.  The road to get there though, may be rocky.  
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