Episode #7 – 10 Fat Loss Tips for Vegans

Have you ever tried to set up a diet, and just have no idea where to start?  In this week’s episode, Dani and Giacomo of VeganProteins.com, talk about some of the major components of setting up a fat loss or “cutting” meal plan.  They also review Beyond Meat’s Beast burger and tell you all about it.


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IG MBB Radio Episode 7

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  • Hi! Just started listening to the podcast! 🙂 Love it so far, very informative! I would actually LOVE to hear you do a podast on gaining weight and building more muscle on a vegan diet. I am a very petite woman – about 100 pnd 5’3 and 44 years old. I’ve been very small my whole life and it’s been a battle for me to keep the weight on. I hate hearing people tell me I need to gain weight and being a vegan I get more comments like “girl you need to eat a cheeseburger”! 🙁 People just don’t get it.. I’m build this way! I can put on a little bit of muscle and get toned quickly taking strength training classes at the gym, but I want to gain 5 or 10 pounds so I’m not ‘underweight” anymore and my clothes fit better. 🙂 I’ve read and heard so much conflicting information that I get discouraged a lot! Can you help a sista out and do a podcast specifially for petite / small women or men just wanting to gain gain gain! Thanks so much!!!

    • Kayleen,

      I am so sorry for just now getting back to you! I am embarrassed to say this, but we aren’t used to getting comments honestly. Yes, I have made a note of it and we will do a show on what we call “hard-gainers” for you–no problem! And thanks so much for your support!



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