Episode #1-Holiday Festivities and Fitness

Hey Everyone and welcome to our new podcast: Muscles by Brussels Radio!

In our first episode, we are trying to get the hang of talking to each other through a microphone 😉  We also talk about managing your fitness goals through the holiday season, our favorite new gym product review, and some Q&As!  Please subscribe by adding our RSS feed to your reader!  As of now, we will be putting out a new episode bi-weekly.  Let us know what you think and what you’d like to hear about and message us on any of our social media sites with any questions you’d like to hear answered on the show!


Listen here: Muscles by Brussels Radio. Episode #1 – Holiday Festivities and Fitness

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  • Nicole Carbone
    November 24, 2014

    Great Job Guys!!!

    I know I am an emotional eater and the holidays can play big into that especially when you see people that trigger your emotions. It is good to become aware and have little interaction with that person(s).

    Alternative foods
    I know bringing a dish is good, but it also limits you. Perhaps you could share some holiday recipes on the site and in the next cast a recommendation of some great cook books? Then we can pass them along to the more caring and sensitive family and friends. Maybe some vegan cupcakes


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