Episode 39: Emotional Eating

Episode 39: Emotional Eating

Dani has been covering the topic of emotional eating on YouTube and Instagram for the last few weeks.  This week, they complete the discussion with a long podcast with both Dani & Giacomo’s perspective on emotional eating, where it comes from, and they break down many steps to tackle it. Better Help Online Therapy: $35-$65…
Powerbuilding for specificity in powerlifting and power building in a complementary way

Episode 36: Giacomo’s Powerbuilding Journey

Two episodes ago, we talked about Dani’s competition prep. But what about Giacomo? Giacomo stepped off stage 2 1/2 years ago and has yet to begin his next prep. And since then, he’s competed in several powerlifting meets. Has he gone full powerlifter?! What gives? Taking a powerbuilding approach to training can complement both aesthetic…

Episode 34: Dani’s competition prep outlined

After an extended offseason in the pursuit of maximum natty gains, Dani is now prepping for the 2018 competition season. Tune in to hear all about why she chose now as the best time to strike. And learn all about exactly how she has her prep outlined to the letter. We also reviewed A7 Bar…