Episode 55. Starting Over

Ep 55. Starting Over

Between COVID-19 / quarantine life and everything leading up to it, we have had our hands full behind the scenes.  This episode is all about where we have been and what we have done to work through it.  Tune in to hear us draw some valuable insight from our hardships over the past 6 or…
Vegan Protein Episode

Ep 45. The Protein Episode

Go ahead and ask the vegan “where do you get your protein?” one more time. I dare you! Haha. In all seriousness this question still stumps people to this day. Fear not. We’re putting this question to rest once and for all with the mother load of episodes from your friends at VeganProteins. Tune in…
Ep. 31 What Is Plantbuilt?

Episode 31: What is PlantBuilt?

Listen here or Subscribe on iTunes here!   What is Team Plantbuilt? Maybe you’ve heard of them but what do they do? Do they compete against other vegan athletes? How did this idea happen? How can you help and what can you get for helping!? Also, a sneak peek of the new Elevate Nutrition Protein bars!