Go ahead and ask the vegan “where do you get your protein?” one more time. I dare you! Haha. In all seriousness this question still stumps people to this day. Fear not. We’re putting this question to rest once and for all with the mother load of episodes from your friends at VeganProteins. Tune in to find out what sources we prefer, how much protein we suggest consuming, and more. Oh yea and if you want your very own 50lb bag of vital wheat gluten like the one in the photo, you can find it on the cheap here.



MASS (Monthly Application In Strength Sport).  Signup here:  bit.ly/vpmass

MASS is one of our secret weapons and it continues to be an invaluable resource for us to keep up to date with the latest research.  Don’t get swept up in fads or bogus info.  Sign up and stay up to date with easy to consume journals and support the evidence based fitness community. 


Flexible Dieting for Vegans E-Book: https://www.veganproteins.com/proteins-more-shop/flexibledieting/

One Time Custom Macro Calculations: https://www.veganproteins.com/proteins-more-shop/one-time-macro-calculation/

Muscles by Brussels Tank Tops: https://www.veganproteins.com/proteins-more-shop/mussels-by-brussels-mens-tank-by-veganproteins/


Join our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2014954931864252/




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