Routine and Quarantine: your mental and physical health NOW and MOVING FORWARD

by Audrey Wright


Routine: a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program*

Routine is the practical application of DISCIPLINE whether the MOTIVATION is there or not (see the Muscles by Brussels podcast episode 56: MOTIVATION IS BS – DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING*).



Routines are the gears keeping your mental and physical machines running when things around you “fail”. They can create and establish normalcy as you progress towards the end goal. I don’t know about you, but now more than ever I need the feeling of “normal” during this time of quarantine.


For myself, this has been a chaotic, strange, and unfamiliar period of time. My own routines have changed or been curtailed. Are you also missing the gym? Your run club? Cycling club? For those of you feeling the same way, have you looked at it as an OPPORTUNITY to implement lasting changes and habits in your life? Using the resources available to me I have assessed my routines and taken action to make sure I am still reaching my goals during this time. I hope I can show you how to do the same.


I’m choosing to not only help myself NOW but going forward. One of the important things about a routine is that it can help us to feel grounded mentally, observe progress towards goals physically, and bring some balance to ourselves and those around us.



Well, do you? What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Before you go to bed at night? How are your workouts structured from day-to-day and across the week? If you are not naturally a routine-oriented person, these are good questions to ask yourself. If you ARE a routine or habits-driven person, how does it feel when things suddenly change or feel outside of your control? Now is a great opportunity to seize some of that control back and create stability in yourself and the environment around you.


Can you identify three “holes” in your day-to-day where implementing some structure could help make you more efficient, happier, or progress you towards a goal?


For example…


I made the decision to begin prepping for a bikini competition exactly one week before quarantine began. My gym closed its doors, I live in a tiny apartment and the availability of food choices at grocery stores was uncertain at best at that point. Despite these factors, I decided to move forward with my decision and would find a way to make this prep happen.


I identified where the holes in my routine would be: lack of a formal gym and meal and grocery unknowns.


So, why don’t you take a minute to write these down?



Sometimes we also have to stop and ask ourselves: “Am I in a routine, or am I in a rut?” We can go through the motions, do the same things day in and day out, and get no closer to our goals. Having a good support system can make all the difference in developing lasting routines and habits. A coach is a perfect example! A quality coach can help develop your routines to conquer new challenges and do things that are beneficial for your mind and body in the short and long term.


I have the pleasure of being the Assistant Coach here at Vegan Proteins, but I am also coached myself! Dani is my fabulous coach and together we were able to strategize through this competition prep decision and how to overcome the obstacles presented during the quarantine. I cobbled together a tiny home gym in my 600 sq ft apartment, brainstormed what I would need nutritionally to have a successful prep (hint: it includes a LOT of homemade seitan and protein options) and discussed best and worst-case scenarios. No matter what, I had made the decision to prep and I was determined to see it through whether it means I make it to the physical stage – or not!



Circle back to where I had them write down their three holes. Give solutions here. HOW do they make these changes? Well, here are some examples: cardio – ride your bike


Remember those three holes I asked you to identify? Now it’s time to brainstorm your strategies to overcome any obstacles and determine the goals of your routines.


Here are some examples:

  • Cardio equipment: ride your bike, rollerblade, start running or walking
  • Gym: do your best with a home gym set up, subscribe to a monthly workout program that has Home Workout modifications as we offer with the Vegan Proteins Academy, get outside and use nature as your gym!
  • Pre-prepped meal options: try new recipes, simplify your cooking, get your family involved





Now it’s time to take action.


Here are some things to keep in mind as you MOVE FORWARD with the habits you are forming:


  1. JUST START. Do not think, just do. This is where creating “an environment of DO” helps. Candles, music, open windows, lighting; create the space!
  2. IDENTIFY your resources. For instance, my parents now more active than ever hit our local farmer’s market every Saturday, buy local and fresh, support the local economy, and get outside. Look at what your resources are for what you don’t currently have access to and get creative.
  3. KNOW that it WILL get easier. The more you practice these new routines, the easier it gets! They will become a part of you to the point where you will do them without thinking. Research says it takes, on average, 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic*. Think about that. You will AUTOMATICALLY do things that make you a potentially more efficient, happier, and successful person (as defined by your OWN goals) without even thinking about it. That is pretty cool.
  4. SHARE with others! Tell people about your new goals and routines. Do not be the one watching others “Morning Routine” videos and not having one of your own. BE that person! Others will want to learn from you when they see what this is doing in your own life whether now, during this tumultuous time, or 5 years from now! Community, now more than ever, is essential. We have a wonderful and supportive community within our private Facebook group that we would love for you to be a part of!



We’re experts in helping you reach your individual goals with established habits and routines. If you want to know more of HOW we can do this, please fill out the Coaching Inquiry form found HERE [insert link].


YOU are capable of creating lasting change in your life. You got this!








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