Episode 35 Bodybuilding for non competitors

Episode #35 – Bodybuilding For Non Competitors

You’ve gotten your workouts on the regular and are starting to pay closer attention to your nutrition.  That’s awesome!  It’s at that point where your muscle building efforts have started to pay off.  Gain city baby!  So now that you’ve officially considered yourself a vegan bodybuilder, what’s the next step?

What are some habits that should be created for beginner and intermediate bodybuilders who are looking to advance themselves? Should the ultimate goal of bodybuilding be to step on stage and compete?  Say your not the competitive type, can you look like you just stepped on stage year round without having to compete?

What about bulking for the gains and cutting for the conditioning.  Just how necessary are these types of dieting phases and when should we even be thinking about them?  What about supplements?

These are some of the questions and topics that we tackle and address in episode 35 “Bodybuilding for non competitors” of VeganProteins Muscles By Brussels Radio.



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