Powerbuilding for specificity in powerlifting and power building in a complementary way

Episode #36 – Giacomo’s Powerbuilding Journey

Two episodes ago, we talked about Dani’s competition prep. But what about Giacomo? Giacomo stepped off stage 2 1/2 years ago and has yet to begin his next prep. And since then, he’s competed in several powerlifting meets. Has he gone full powerlifter?! What gives?

Taking a powerbuilding approach to training can complement both aesthetic and strength goals quite nicely. That being said when it comes time to be at your competitive best, some specificity will be needed by choosing one over the other..

And what about his bulking season. Lean gains, dirty bulking, reverse dieting, what path does someone take who wants to get stronger but still remain within striking distance to the stage?

With a current injury casting some grey clouds over Giacomo’s short term goals, the current road has been somewhat uncertain. As we’ve mentioned in the past though, getting and overcoming injuries is simply a part of the game when taking things to an advanced level.

Find out all about Giacomo’s current journey and what he has learned along the way in Episode 36 of Muscles By Brussels Radio, Giacomo’s Powerbuilding Journey.



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